Monday, March 29, 2010

30 weeks along!

I had my doc checkup today.

Everything is going great. Baby's heartbeat was at 140, and I am still measuring just right. Can you believe I am 30 weeks now?? Well, to be super technical, I am about 30.5 weeks...haha! Shane and I keep finding we have moments where we "realize" how close we are. We just look at each other and say "Wow..." We are so excited, but very nervous too. Two kiddos is a big step from one. Breathe...

Aside from the indigestion, back pain, pelvic pain, exhaustion, and other such things...I am doing great. Definitely feeling huge! The baby looooves to move, so much that it actually hurts pretty often, which isn't fun. But it is still awesome to see my stomach doing the baby dance. And Rylend loves to kiss it and blow raspberries...VERY cute

Oh, and for those of you who wonder: No, we have not settled on a name yet. Middle name is for sure Zachary. But as for the first name...well we don't need it set until we are leaving that hospital. We have a few we do like (the two in the lead are Conner and Jackson) but nothing is definite yet. all just have to be patient until little baby boy #2 is born!

I thought to add these photos just for fun. Rylend LOVES stickers. And decided that today, mommy's belly needed to be decorated. It was too fun. I love my little man :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jenni's new writing blog

As most of you know, I love to write. But I also suck at actually getting about to DOING it. This last weekend Shane took me to the bookstore and had me pick out some writing books, since we can't afford for me to take the classes I would love to take. Then I got an idea. I started a writing blog. One of the books I got is a writing prompts book, and I have set myself a goal: Write a prompt a day. Hopefully it will get me back into the swing of writing and I just may finish one of my books...someday. I post my prompts on the blog, along with other facts and tips I find about writing. I am really liking this and am excited about it. Sadly, I haven't got much feedback, or any I guess, but then again, I did just start it. If you ever feel like taking a look through the new blog, please do! Then...comment to me so I know you did! Its something I am really working on. Something for myself amidst all the mommy duties of my life. And I do need support. I just thought to let you all know! Here is the link

"Writing is a journey, not an event"

All about Rylend, the update

I haven't been very good at updating this blog lately...sorry about that! I'm not sure how many of you are reading it, but I like to think I am keeping someone out there updated. This entry will be about *drumroll* Rylend!

Can you believe he will be two in just about 2 weeks? Its just crazy. I can't believe how big he is getting! And smart too. VERY smart. People we meet all think he is at least three. Even my doc, who just met him for the first time today, was surprised to hear he wasn't even two yet. My little man is now fitting into most 4t shirts, and 3t pants. Almost size 9 shoes...crazy crazy.

He is really talking more too. The other day he was hiding in the cupboard under the tv (he thinks its a fort) and I was asking him questions. He kept answering "No" and "" so I asked "Why do you keep saying no?" His response? "I not sayin no!" Oh my... sadly though, he is also very much so, full blown, in his terrible twos. I have been at wits end too many times to count now. Temper tantrums, demanding, refusing to nap, screeching... I can't wait for this phase to GO AWAY, ha.

Then he does something cute, and I remember why I love him. His new ritual? Every morning he wakes up, then comes into our room. Climbs into our bed and snuggles down between us, says "nigh night" then dozes back off for a bit with us. I love it. I wake up finally to him saying "oh mama" all loving, hugging me, then jumping on the bed. Its a nice start. With Shane's new work schedule, he is home in the mornings. So now the boys have breakfast together as mommy rests a little more. They have found the joy in building forts with blankets and giggle inside together, its quite cute. Then I come out of the room "mama!" and a happy boy running to hug me...most days.

Rylend obsessions? Lately it has been "Ty-ee" (Thomas the steam engine), "Caws" (Pixar's Cars), "Buzzy" (Toy Story), and of course "Ah-mee" (Walle). He has some shoes with Thomas on them, and runs around carrying them yelling "Ty-ee Ty-eeeee!" Also, he has started to grab my hand, then hold it tight as he pulls me to his room. Then he makes me sit down and we HAVE to play with all his toys. Today he pulled me in, sat me on his bed, then said "shh" and walked out of the room shutting the door. Whenever I tried to leave, he pushed me back in and shut the door again, saying "shh" I guess it was my nap time...

He is quite an amazing little boy. He knows where the baby is (pats and blows raspberries on my belly), yells "I did it!" everytime he does anything, and is already ready to great anyone with a hi and share big hugs. My little man...getting big! And before we know it, he will have a little brother to teach all of his "darling" tricks to.

28 weeks!

Can you believe it? I'm in the third trimester! This is so just a couple more months I will be a mommy of two. Its amazing how fast life moves. Though, at the same time...days are just dragging by now. Will June get here?

Ok, pregnancy update. Everything is going fine. I went in and saw my doc for my checkup today. He measured my belly and told me that its measuring perfectly. Which is good, because I don't feel perfect; I feel HUGE. Shane and Rylend came too, and my doc let Rylend push the button on the little heartbeat-listening device. Rylend thought it was amazing to push the bitton. I love hearing that heartbeat. Today also was the "beloved" glucose test. Luckily this time I got orange flavor instead of fruit punch (I hate normal fruit punch...glucose enhanced fruit punch was AWFUL!) I wont know the results from that test for a bit, but I'm sure it was fine. I can tell you one thing though...not wanting that orange soda now that's sitting in my fridge! (mmm but pineapple sounds good. ultimate craving this time around = fresh pineapple. Can't have enough!)

I have been having REALLY bad back pain with this pregnancy. Probably doesnt help that I have to pick up my son constantly, who I just found out is now in the 90th percentile for weight (about 32 lbs) and the 80th for height (35 inches). The baby is sitting lower than Rylend did too. My doc gave me a vicoden prescription. The one time I tried did nothing. Just my luck huh? And there are days where whenever I move around, I have to hold my belly because my lower ab/pelvic area HURTS. Yeah...maybe I'm not fully enjoying this pregnancy this time around...but I am still very excited to have the little boy soon! (About names...we think we know the name, but have decided to not fully announce it to the world just yet. Just in case!) Oh, and I waddle. That should make some of you chuckle.

Everything is going good though. I am now at the point where I will see my doc every two weeks (oooo) I DO have a baby registry at Amazon. I have set everything to the priority we need it...just click "sort by priority." There are still things we need...but we are almost there!

Ok, heres the pics!

I am planning on trying to take some nice pics of my belly. This was a test one, just to see if the lighting in my living room will work. Still...I like it

28.5 weeks! (March 17, 2010)

Just had to include this one. My two little boys haha :)