Friday, October 16, 2009

And the due date is...

We went to get an ultrasound yesterday in order to get a more accurate due date. Well, the official due date now is:

June 4, 2010

The baby is a very cute little blob on the screen. I kept saying "Oh, what a cute blob" which kept the ultrasound technician laughing. She was very impressed though. At only about 7 weeks along, the baby already has a VERY strong little heart beat going. Which doesn't fully surprise me. This baby is spending all of its time and energy making mommy sick. I literally cannot touch food until afternoon every day. I try to force myself to nibble on saltenes and drink ice water. It helps a little...but I still find myself running to the oh-so-beloved bathroom much more than I would prefer. This is already VERY different than how it was with Rylend! They gave me a prescription for a med that helps with the sickness. I'm just trying to decide if I want to go get it and try it...I get paranoid about things. Though I HAVE found...peppermint chewing gum is my friend. Though it doesn't eliminate the queasiness, it makes it so I can at least move around and look a bit alive for my little boy. Sigh...I am very ready for this first trimester to be done...and hoping the nausea goes with it.

Im posting the two print outs they gave us from the ultrasound. Like a said...a very cute little Blob. Even though it doesn't look fully like baby was still amazing to see. Nothing solidifies the realness of a pregnancy like seeing the little person. I will also post a link to the site babycenter and a page that talks about the week I am on...for anyone who is curious.

Hope all is well for everyone! I will go back now to chomping my gum. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The News!

Hey there everyone! In case any of you HAVEN'T heard yet...We are expecting again! Yup!!

I had been feeling off for a week or two. Then got a cold last weekend that for some reason wouldn't leave. Shane kept teasing me, telling me that I was pregnant. I just brushed it off...until my lovely time of the month never came. I still had my doubts...mainly I didnt want to convince myself that I was, then take a test that said no. My breasts had been hurting...and a few days after missing my period, I started feeling sick. So I finally gave in and took the test friday morning (Oct. 2) and...a lovely little blue plus sign! Yeah...when I called Shane, his first thing he said was "Told you so." Since then, I took one more test...for save measures lol. Then saturday morning we drove over to Planned Parenthood and got the confirmation test. I called yesterday and set my first doctor's visit (Oct. 26th) and an ultrasound (Oct. 15th). We need the ultrasound because we arent fully sure when the due date is...but Im not complaining. I get a little sneak peek at the BABY! answer obvious questions...No, we were not trying. We were talking about maybe starting...but obviously someone up there had different plans for us. We are very much so hoping for a little girl...whenever I ask Rylend if he wants a brother or sister, he just looks up at me and shakes his head....haha "no dont need any more!" I am very nervous about being a mommy of two. Rylend will just turn two before his future sibling is born...thats pretty close in age! And as for NOT ready there! Then again...who EVER is? We are very excited though. I am already seeing the difference in this pregnancy compared to Rylend's. I am only in my first trimester, and am tired ALL the time. And this time...I am actually getting the "lovely" morning sickness I "missed" out on with Rylend.

I will make sure to try to update here whenever there is new news, pics, anything. I know I have been bad lately with my blog updates...maybe this will kickstart me back into it! :)