Friday, February 12, 2010

24 weeks

Today marks 24 weeks pregnant! I cant believe I am now 6 months along...its crazy! I dont really have much new to report since my last post. I see my doc again in a few weeks. Until then, just feeling this little guy squirm and move around. And watching my belly slowly grow bigger and bigger. I am to that lovely point where I go to bed and can't fall asleep until about midnight or one. Then I wake up every time I want to change position. Then I have to go to the bathroom. Then...sigh I feel like I never sleep. And I never know during the day if Rylend will nap that day or not. I am pretty worn out.
Oh! But at least some good news, for once. Shane got his promotion at work. Its a small raise once he is trained...and new hours. He will be home during the early part of the day and working at night now. We are excited for the change and hopeful money increase...but I will miss him. We went in the other day to apply for food stamps. Yes, we are at that point. Can you believe this? We BARELY qualified. Like...we are right at the cut off line. So the help we are getting is barely anything...I hate this cut off line. They seem to only help the people who dont work at all, and rarely help the ones who are TRYING to work, just not earning enough. But a little is still something...I guess.
Ever since we set up Rylend's big kid bed, we have made it a night time routine to say family prayer before he goes to sleep. And he loves it. He jumps into his bed and Shane and I kneel on the floor by it. We take turns saying it every other night, and Rylend folds his arms, bows his head, and is very quiet until we say amen. I love it. The other day I was at the computer and he was playing with some toys in the living room. Suddenly he ran over to me and made me fold my arms. Then he folded his, bowed his head, and glanced at me. I got the hint and said a quick, small prayer. After I finished he looked at me, smiled, said "Amen!" then ran off to play again. Its moments like those that your heart melts. I will be sad when our routine changes and Shane isn't home anymore for night time prayer. But we have decided we will start morning prayer once the change happens. I love it. I love my little family.

Ok, here are my 24 week preggo pics for all those of you who wanna see the bulge!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rylend and his big kid bed!

A bit over a week ago we decided to take the plunge and move Rylend into his big kid bed. He was very confused when we were taking apart his beloved crib. It was a tough time for him. But he got to help Daddy put together his new bed, which he totally loved. That first night wasn't TOO bad. But the next nap. No way. He sleeps at night just fine in it. Though there have been the few times we find him curled up on the ground instead of in bed. But when it comes to nap is mostly gone now. The second day, when he didnt nap, he was SO tired by dinner time that he passed out in his chair. We moved him to his bed, changed his diaper, and let him fall back asleep. When I checked on him later, he had taken off his diaper and was sleeping on his belly, his bare little bum up in the air. It was too cute.
Anyway! Here are some photos I have snapped of his new bed and him. Hope you like! My little man...getting bigger!

Helping Daddy put his bed together

TA-DA! No more crib!

Hugging his kitties :)

I snuck in and took a pic of him cute

This is what happens when he doesn't take a nap...HA!

Ultrasound #3!

A week ago I had my doc appointment and the long ultrasound where they measure everything to see if the baby is all good. As far as we know from what the woman doing the ultrasound said, everything looks great. She had to chase the little guy around though...he just doesn't like to sit still! And he kept covering his face, like he was saying "No...don't look at me!" I love being able to take that sneak peek at the baby. And Shane actually got off work early enough to make it this time, which TOTALLY made me happy. With his work schedule, he has never been able to make it to my doc appointments with me. And missed the ultrasound where we found out the gender. But he was there this time, so all is good.

And yes, it is still a boy haha. We are starting to settle on the name. Its still a spelling battle for us, but I have a feeling it will end up Conner Zachary Merritt. (I like the "e" better so there!)

Here are the ultrasound pics. I will take another belly pic...soon...

See...still a boy. LOL

His little is on top of the other

His arms...he was holding his hands together. Way cute

These two are his profile. He was sucking in his bottom lip, causing his top lip to stick out far. It was cute. :)