Friday, January 22, 2010

20 Weeks!

Well, last friday I hit 2o weeks! I know... this should be labeled "21 Weeks" but oh

Yup! The half way mark has now come...and gone. Crazy how time flies huh? Before we know it, we will be having another little boy in our home. I am still mega nervous about that. But I think we will do ok. Right now Rylend is obsessed with babies. Everytime he sees one, he just HAS to yell out "BABY!" and run up to kiss it. Last night I put a diaper on his kitty...oh man he loved that. He kept giggling and saying "poo poo" then kissing his "baby" and carrying it around.

We went up to the island this last week for a visit. 9i will post an entry later with more pics from that) While there, my friend Jessie threw me a small baby shower. Only about 5 or so people showed up, but we had fun. Jessie, Megan and her mom went in together and got us the new diaper bag we wanted. We love the one we have, but it will NOT be big enough for two kiddos. The brand is called Dadgear. Its amazing! We got the backpack version...and I have promised myself I will not wear it in until the baby is here. (If you want to check out the bags, the website is Also, my friend Jamie handed down her pack and play to us. AWESOME since we REALLY needed that. The crib wont fit in our room and plus, we just dont own one. And you just HAVE to love hand-me-downs! We got a few other things too. A baby swing, clothes, some toys, and an awesome baby name book from my mom called "Sci-Fi Baby Names" Basically it just lists a ton of different names that have appeared in scifi movies...perfect book for us! Good choice mom! We only have a few more things that we need before this little guy gets here. Phew.

Last night I set up the pack and play in our room and started sorting baby stuff. I pulled out all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes we have, filled the bottom with baby toys, cuddled with the two baby blankets we got at the shower...I loved it. Rylend kept trying to put his kitty to bed in the pack and play, throwing it in and going "shh" I think Rylend is starting to notice something is about to change. He has become super needy of mommy, always needing to be in my lap or at my feet. In fact, he is sitting in my lap this very moment lol. Sigh...I love my little man.

So yes, we are in the last half now. I am feeling ok. My back is starting to hurt more, and the energy has yet to come back. I am very much so showing. You know, I really dont feel that big. Compared to my stomach at this time with Rylend, I am practically around the same size. So it really makes me self conscience when someone sees me and makes comments like "Wow! Sure its not twins!?" or "You so big already!" Really...wrong things to say to someone who is already out of their comfort zone. Then I spend the rest of the day feeling huge and fat...sigh. Just venting. The baby is moving a lot more. Some days I barely notice him. Others, like yesterday, it felt like he didnt STOP moving all day. And, just like with Rylend, everytime Shane rushes over to feel the baby stops. Haha...

We are still working at the name game. We were liking Jackson for a while, but all of the Michael Jackson jokes got old REALLY fast, plus I didnt like how it was the number 3 name for 2009. Sigh. So now we are maybe thinking of Connor. Or Conner. Believe it or not, both spellings have a different meaning. Connor means wolf lover. Conner means hunter. I originally just found it and liked it. Then realized it is kinda after Shane's Grandpa Harward who passed a while ago (Conrad). Shane mostly likes it because its the last name of a character in one of his all time favorite movies. (John Conner...The Terminator...yeah lol) So yeah, we will see. My deadline is the baby must be named by the time we are leaving the we still have some time. Still, what do you think?
Connor Zachary Merritt...
or Conner Zachary Merritt...

Ok well to wrap this entry up for now...heres my belly! HA!