Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look alike

SO! I decided to play around with some pics I have and see who Rylend looks more like at this age. Its crazy to see he is basically a half and half splice of Shane and me!

FIRST: Rylend vs. ShaneSame eyes, ears, hairline...i think nose too! Basically the top half of the face!

NEXT: Rylend vs. me
Well...obviously he has my eye color...other than that...same mouth, same cheeks...and that hard to tell who's nose Rylend has!!!

I am just so amazed at how evenly he seemed to get our features. WAY happy he got his Daddy's eye shape. My little boy is so cute! Today he threw quite a few fits and would only nap IF I laid down with him the WHOLE time. But when he finalyl woke up from his afternoon nap...he was so happy and playful. All he wanted to do was smile and watch us as we sang songs. He loves music! Then he finally fell asleep for bedtime in his daddy's lap. Its cute, Rylend gets so happy whenever Shane comes home. And when I make eye contact with him and simply say hi, he laughs and smiles. He is an amazing kid, let me tell you!

Now then, I need to get to bed. Its about 10:40 pm and I am pooped. 'Night!

taking pictures

So, I have been thinking more and more about how much fun it would be to do photography. I mean, I already live with my camera basically glued in hand (as people can tell when they see the hundreds of pics of my little man). My friends Zach's little sis wants me to take her senior pics for her. Its kinda nerve racking. They want to pay me and everything for the shots. One, I have taken lots of pictures for friends in the past, but never for someone I haven't met yet. Two, what on earth am I supposed to charge!?!?!? And three....Im not a pro. I can take good shots, I think, but what if she ends up not liking ANYTHING I take? Thats typical of me to think...I like to doubt.
But I do love photography. And Kelsey (Zach's girlfriend) wants me to take some pregnancy pics of her. That should be fun. And she said she will start telling other people about me...which is awesome. But at the same time...I would love to get enough money for the few things I need, then I would feel like a real photographer instead of a wannabe.

ONE is...the main thing...I love my camera. But I want a NICE one sooooo bad. I think I would die and go to heaven if I had one! My sister in law Tania has an AMAZING one that makes me drool everytime I see it. I wish I had the $709 for it.....and its a bit pricey to ask for as a gift! But man...if you ever wanna make Jenni die on the spot of sheer happiness........get her the Olympus EVOLT E-510 Black 10 MP Digital SLR Camera with 14-42 mm 40-150 mm Lens...or something to that greatness.
ITS ON here to check out link

TWO....if I cant get that, then I want this cool set I found for the Kodak I have right now. It has attachable lens, a tripod, all the amazing things I dont have. Man...I dont even have a tripod, thats sad! Its on amazong HERE Every so often I go and drool at this set.....Its amazing. And $ maybe I can get it....maybe...

How awesome does that look? Yeah.....tis a beauty set....

THREE...backdrops!!! Kelsey and I went to Goodwill the other day and bought tons of random sheets and fabric. We have sheets, curtains, shower curtains, lengths of fabric. It will be fun to play with and all. But I want to actually do something to CHARGE people money...I will need to get something a bit more pro than a used king sheet. I found this awesome set...of course on Amazon...for about $111. It comes with the support system, the black and the white background. I REALLY like it and will definitely get it someday. Here, click here for the link...HERE

And I am not even mentioning the lighting I will need to get......sigh.......

I just wish that starting something that makes you happy didnt cost SO MUCH MONEY! Im not naive enough to expect people to buy me these things as presents. I just am rambling about them here so everyone knows what is going on for me in this head of mine. I think I could do well as a photographer. I need to read a few books for technique and get lots of practice...and get suitable equipment. But I would love do to this. Its something I can do while still being at home with Rylend. And its something that makes me happy. So I guess we will see what happens.

This is what is on my mind today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby boy giggles

Here is a video of Rylend laughing away at a noise I was making. Such a happy kid!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A start

Hey well my friend Kandra basically gave me the idea for this blog. I update so much on myspace and sometimes on facebook that I forget most of my friends and family either dont use those sites or rarely check them anyway. SO here you go! I will try to update this when I remember. How we are doing, what is new, my thoughts. This is for all of you who do not conform to the myspace/facebook world (though, I have to pitch...I have TONS of pics on myspace so...if you ever wanna see have to go there!)

Now then, as for how we are doing...

We are getting very settled in here in Aloha, OR. There are sitll boxes sitting around, unpacked. But we love our new little home. Its a very nice apartment complex with a playground and swimming pool. Rylend didnt like the pool the first time we put him in it, but he soon passed out in the floatie toy and just drifted around in his huge waterbed.

He is such an amazing little boy. I cant believe he will be 4 months old in just a few days! He laughs ALL the time, coos and "talks" and even tries to sing along with us. We have no doubt at all that he was made to be in our family.

Shane got a good job. He works for Loomis, driving the armored truck. He really seems to be liking this job. And as for me, I am loving being at home with my little boy. I have been trying to work a bit on my writing...when I am able to. Who knows, maybe someday I will publish...we will see though!

Anyway I hope this blog will work for keeping in touch with all of you. Please leave me comments sometimes so I know you all are out there. I will post another post soon as I have something to write about!