Sunday, October 26, 2008

Momma's boy

So, like I have said before, Rylend says Mama. He will say Dada when he sometimes feels like it too. Lately though, it seems to all be about mama. Whenever he is tired, unhappy, hungry...etc...he cries for mama until I get him. No one else....Each kid seems to go through stages like this, and mine is entering the mommy only one. I love it because he wants me and just being in my arms makes him calm down and cuddle now. But at the same gets frustrating. I havent just had a real ounce of ME time in some time now. I need a small break...but hate leaving my little boy. He is just too precious.

Here is a video we got of him last night. Shane was getting him in his pjs for bed, and Rylend wasnt happy that DADDY was doing it. Right before we started recording, he had yelled out "MA MA!" loud and was very cute. I recorded a bit just for the memory...then we cuddled together for some time before he went down for bed. My little boy....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Round round round round...he gets around!

In the last few days, Rylend has discovered he can crawl further than just he living room. Now I set him on the ground to play, and when I check again, he is gone. He has discovered the bathroom...dining room...his room...our bedroom. Today it got really quiet and I went to find him. He was all the way in our room, IN the closet, playing with some hangers that had fallen down. Little sneak!

He has gotten so good at crawling too! Now the only time he falls down is when he sees something he wants and lunges for it! And let me tell you...when he sees something he wants...he WILL lunge for it! This kid is amazing. We all said he would be crawling by Halloween and look...still has a few weeks to go!

Here is a small video I got of him. Hope you like!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 months and 1 week old!

Wow! I can never seem to get on here as often as I want to. Even now this cant be a huge update post, but I want to let everyone know that things are going GREAT! Rylend is so big now! For Christmas Grandma Mason got him a pair of pajamas...and after seeing him, she realized they definitely will be too SMALL by then! They are 12 month!! So she gave them to us early. I am actually really happy she did. It has been getting pretty cold here, and the pjs she got Rylend are so warm! Life saver, let me tell you. Sometimes when he sleeps he kicks all his blankie off...then wakes u at about 4 am screaming because he is cold....and the only way to calm him is to give him is bottle about....2 hours early lol.

Let me tell you, Rylend seems to have set a goal to progress faster than his age in almsot every way possible. Starting to fit into 12 month clothing. Two CUTE little teeth (when he smiles, he flashes them at you. I love it!) Saying Ma and Da...when he feels like it. When you ASK him to talk, he laughs at you. He mostly seems to chatter when he is waking up in the morning. AND...yup you guessed it...he is crawling! He is actually getting pretty good at it too. He still loses his balance and "belly outs" sometimes...but let me tell you..this kid is MOBILE! All day I am pulling him away from the computers, the DVD player, the DVD shelf...Yesterday I finally had enough. I took all wires on the computers and put them in a box (haha foiled little boy!) then I vacuumed like mad, got and Craigslist...and found a TV stand that has DOORS. YES! I totally love it too. That has lessened my need to chase a SMALL bit...but dont get me wrong. I love that he is mobile. So strong!

Also Rylend has been introduced to the sippy cup! Oh man. My friend Kelsey and I put him in the stoller and walked over to Albertsons. While we were there I decided to get a cup for him. Well, I picked it out, then handed it to him to play with while we finished out shopping. Ha! When I looked down, he was holding it up, with the lid over thats over the mouthpiece in his mouth! He knew EXACTLY what to do! When we got home, I put some very watered down apple juice in it...gave it to him...and he went to TOWN on it! Its his favorite thing now. Whenever he is playing, he MUST have his cup near him. Its so cute!

As for Shane and I...Shane got his promotion at work, with new hours too. Its nice because he should be home around 1 or 2 every day...but sucky because he has to leave at about 4 am AND doesnt have tons of overtime like he did before. But it should give him some sort of raise yeah. And for me...I have been getting more into photography. I have taken Kelsey's pregnancy pics, couple pics of Zach and Kelsey, Katie's (Zach's little sis) senior pics.....and I wanna take some for my sister in law Sammy...I just need to find out if she still does. So yeah, I am happy. I love doing photography. And occasionally working on my book...occasionally. Its hard when everytime I sit down to write and little baby behind me starts to throw a fit...sigh. Motherhood! We all love it, regardless!