Thursday, December 31, 2009

And the new baby is a....

I went in for a quick ultrasound yesterday after my doc appointment. Sadly, Shane wasn't able to be there. Sucky thing with his job: he cant really just get off early, unless its an emergency. But I did have my friend Penny there with me. Well, the doc put the dopplar on my stomach and right away we were in the right spot. I saw what the baby was with no prob, but he went on explaining all the body parts we were seeing. My doc is a really nice guy who gets very excited about finding out the gender, almost as excited as you are. It makes it more fun.
Well, right when he pointed between the legs and announced. "And that is a ... BOY..." the baby spread its legs WAY out and made sure we could really see that he was a little boy, right on cue. Yup everyone. We are having another little:


And right after we saw that, we saw the little guy start to pee. I know, that sounds weird...but it was cool to see. A little stream going out for a bit, then stopping. It was just cool...seeing my baby not only there, but already functioning and living.

I have to admit, I was sad. Shane and I were both really hoping for our little girl. Its funny. All growing up I just had this feeling like I would have daughters. It was never a question in my mind that I would. Now I am having my second son. I guess thats proof that things don't always go as you are so sure they will...but yes, we ARE excited. For one...we get to save a heck of a lot of money on clothes. There are only a few things we are needing for this second kiddo, all of which are on my baby registry if you are curious (Mainly a new breast bump since my first one got lost...a pack and play...lots and lots of diapers...a new play gym since ours was old and deplete...and yeah.)

But for two...I do love our little boy. Rylend is such an amazing kid, so full of happiness and love. I am very excited to have another sweet little one like him. And now he gets that brother every boy loves having. My family was the same way: two boys then me. And my brothers were always close growing up. So this will be another great adventure.

My belly is poking out more. Rylend laughs at it when he sees it, then lifts up his own shirt to show off HIS belly. Such a funny kid...
Now we are onto the project of picking a name...we have a few we are kind liking. We have a few months left though to really decide. Haha we shall see...
Ok, thats it for this post! Here are all the pics from yesterday! ENJOY!!!!!


This was when he spread his legs all wide. Haha

You might not be able to see it too well, but he is looking right at the camera in this one. His face is on the left. there are two dark circles for his eyes, a white bump where his nose is, and then a dark circle under. His mouth was open. Aw...I love it.

His little profile. Sadly, it blurred a bit. Maybe we will get a better one next time.

You can see one arm, then his fingers of the other hand above it. He was running his fingers around in the fluid. It was cute.

These are both pics of my belly I took yesterday just before my doc appt. 17.5 weeks along. ooo

And here is the link to our registry. Any help would be VERY nice, but please, money is tight. If you cant get us anything, do not stress about it. We will make due!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here comes Santa Clause!

We went yesterday (saturday) to see Santa. My friend Jessie was visiting for the weekend with her hubby Ian and little girl Theresa (T is 6 months younger than Rylend). We thought it would be fun to all see Santa together. So after breakfast we bundled everyone up and headed over to the Cedar Hills mall. such a little boy. He saw the OTHER kids running around, so just HAD to do that himself. And when we wouldn't let him run amok and tear everything apart...the world ended and the temper tantrums broke out. Oh finally got to the point where I walked around the mall with Rylend as Shane stood in line with our friends. After walking for some time, a very wet diaper change, and more angry "Im not getting my way" was our turn to see Santa.

I was pretty nervous he would be a little hellion for the man. Last year we got such a cute pic...and I thought for sure this year it would be the red faced anger snapshot.

But, AMAZINGLY, right as we walked up to Santa, Rylend smiled and got super sweet. He said hi, then we put him in Santa's lap and stepped back for the pics. Rylend flashed his teeth, said "CHEESE!", giggled, smiled at Santa...even blew him kisses as we walked away. Then, as soon as we were out of Santa's sight...the boy went nuts again. One old man smiled and I heard him say "That kid is ALL boy!" I think Rylend sensed that Santa is the man you have to be good for...dont want to be on THAT naughty list! It was pretty cute...though I was pretty worn out after!

Christmas is here in a few days! Rylend keeps eyeing the few presents we do have out...I cant wait! Ok, here are the pics! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Belated Updates of all the Happenings

Have I really not posted anything since October? Ok everyone, here's my hand...slap away.

Alright! So, since the last update...
Things are going ok for us. I am JUST not feeling sick now. Its got pretty bad for a while...I was losing weight instead of gaining. Ouch. Then I got my prescription for Zofran...and the world got a bit better. Its an anti-nausea medication, for those of you who dont its a magic one too. Haha. I am just going off it now...been a week since I have had to take it and no escapades of dashing to bathroom. I do feel woozy still...but I can handle it...mostly. And as for the exhaustion...yeah still waiting for that to go away. This pregnancy is SO different from Rylend's. I can barely get myself up for the sucks. On some plus sides: I am now showing of a tiny little bumpy. I will post one I took at 13 weeks...I am now almost 15 weeks and its more obvious but I am too lazy to go take the pic at the moment. Also, just before Thanksgiving I had a doc appointment. I got to hear the heartbeat! I love those was at 160. Fast little one! My doc told me that at our next appointment (Dec 30th) if the ultrasound isn't being used, we can sneak in and try to see the gender. YAY!!

Other, non-preggo related topics.

We have all of our Christmas decorations up...we did it a few days before Thanksgiving. I will admit...I suck at waiting. I just love how they look! If it wasnt so weird, I would leave them up all year long. Rylend thinks the tree is the most pretty thing ever. Every morning when he comes out of his room he waits for me to turn on the lights, then gets all excited and says "oooo wow! PETTY!" He loves to lay next to the tree or under it and just stare at all the lights and ornaments...its so cute!

We are stressing right now, gotta admit it. For some reason, no matter how hard we try, every december we are always broke. We have been SO careful with our spending! We dont even KNOW where the money goes...Just bills and groceries. I checked our banking today...They just took out power, rent, and car insurance....leaving us with a grand total of $48. And Shane doesnt get paid again until the 17th. Hmm...oh yes, and we are out of diapers and wipes. And groceries. Oh, and havent gotten one present for my little boy's christmas... I got WIC this last week, which does help a little. But I do think we will be having to apply for Stamps...hoping that Oregon wont suck for once and will approve us. And REALLY hoping no mystery bills or emergencies come up in the next week and a half...we have no money for any of it. I hate this rut. And we never seem able to get out of it. Then to top it all off...we are having another little one. Yes, we ARE excited. But nervous like nothing else. If we can BARELY scrape by as will we afford even more? I don't know...I think I am just venting. And I am VERY impressed if you are still reading at this point. Sometimes it just feels good to vent. We have been weighing our options...looking at maybe some big changes we will have to make...but that's in the future to come. For now I sadly pull out my credit card which I am trying to pay OFF...and go get ready to walk to the store and buy diapers. Its the song that never ends....



Life is stressful. Whats new. But Rylend is so good at curling up in mommy's lap and cuddling. Really good at kisses too. And you should see his face light up when Daddy comes home and he runs and jumps into his arms. He is good at making us smile...which we need bad at the moment.

Ok, gotta run. Gonna bundle up to brave the cold cold cold weather and walk down the block. Wish me luck!