Friday, June 12, 2009

He likes to.. MOVE IT!

Rylend may be a bit behind in the whole "walking stage"...but he is trying to catch up! We all joke its because he knows Brandon (Kandra's little boy) is visiting soon and Rylend wants to be able to keep up with him. The last few days Rylend, out of no where, has REALLY been trying to walk. I already posted a video of an attempt. His problem is its just TOO exciting for him, so he falls over all the time as he laughs.

Just yesterday I was sitting on the couch and Rylend was standing about five feet away with Shane. Out of nowhere...he just walked over to me all by himself! It was SOO CUTE! Of course, when those moments NEVER have the camera! He has been trying to walk by himself alot too...just standing, holding onto something...then he lets go and takes a few steps. Funny thing is, every time he does, he EXPECTS an applause. He will start clapping and look around to who ever is in the room. If you dont clap and say "Yay!" you are in trouble. Ha!

Well, today he has been REALLY working on it. I decided to take a chance at getting it on video. So as he was leaning up against the couch...I quickly backed up and hit record. And...he did it! Man he is SO CUTE! I love watching babies waddle around. Now MY baby boy is doing it. He already climbs on EVERYTHING and tears EVERYTHING apart (I think he likes to prove that he really is a boy) and I know as soon as he masters walking...we dont stand a chance. But at least then I can take him outside more and just let him get it out!

So here is the video!
YAY RYLEND! *claps*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We took Rylend to Build-A-Bear for the first time. As soon as we got there, he got super excited. And, of COURSE, chose a cat for his toy! It was so cute how even before the kitty was stuffed, he was just LOVING it.

He wouldnt take his eyes off of the lady who put the stuffing in his kitty. And as soon as she finished and handed it back to him, he wrapped his arms around it and flashed all of us the BIGGEST smile!

The rest of the time we were there, he would NOT let go of it. We officially named it "Zitty Zat" ...which got the guy at the check out to chuckle.

Rylend is now VERY much in love with that new kitty of his. He takes it to bed with him and giggles when I put his clothes on the kitty. This kid...Its crazy how out of nowhere they stop being babies and start being kids...

Rylend LOVED Build-A-Bear and we know we will have to go there doubt for yet another Zitty Zat.

ALSO...he is SO close to walking! We have been able to get him to take a few steps by himself here and there. He just gets wayyy too excited and ends up toppling over laughing. Then he claps for himself as we say "yay!" He is cruising along anything and everything though. And the last few days I have spent most of my time holding his hands as he walks all over the apartment. Here is a video of us trying to get him to walk one night. He does in the end...kind of. If can just see how dang cute he is!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Untitled Crowley Project - Promo Extra!

Guess what I did!
Well, to explain it first...I am a member of a site called Extras Only. Its a local casting agency that specializes just in casting extras for movies, commercials, photo shoots...anything really. I started it just for fun, since another friend of mine was doing it too. Well, they are filming a movie in Portland right now. At the moment it is just called the Untitled Crowley Project. And guess what...they do all their casting through Extras Only. Oo...

The movie is starring Harrison Ford, Brendan Frasier and Keri Russel. Its about a married couple (Frasier and Russel) who are trying to find a cure for their childrens' they team up with a doctor (Ford) to find it. Gonna be one of those tear jerkers I have a feeling! Anyway...I have gotten a few calls to be a PAID extra, but ended up not being needed for each as of yet. But they also needed promo extras...aka people to fill the gaps and who arent getting paid. There was a shoot last week at Pioneer Square in Portland, but I didnt go. This week was over at Oaks Park. I really needed to get out of the apartment and away from some of the things happening in my life right now (THATS for another blog another time!) So...I decided to go!

My sisters in law Tania and Sammy went too. The motto for the movie biz is "Hurry up and wait" and thats EXACTLY what we did. We arrived and checked in at 11:30, then they closed the gates for anyone else. There were probably a hundred or so promo extras...maybe a bit more. Then...we waited. They supplied water and cookies and chips...and for about 3 or so hours we sat in our holding area. Inside the skate rink across the park from us they were shooting a birthday scene with Frasier, Russel, and the kids. It was a nice day, occasionally drizzling but not bad enough to run for cover.

Finally around 4 or so they took pity on us and opened up the amusement park for our pleasure. Yay! We got to ride all the rides we wanted for free, and they gave us hot dogs. It was fun to just goof around with Tania and Sammy while watching how the movie biz works. Around 5 they finally told us it was time. They gave us our marks, our actions...and...ACTION! Us three were sitting on a table, told to gab about boys and check them out. Haha! Yet it was all supposed to be pantomime. They gave us some greasy, cold props EW. About twenty feet from us was Brendan Frasiers start mark. Sad to say, I doubt we will be caught in the film. There was a big tree in the way. But it was still cool to see the scene being shot. I took a few pics of him too...which...shh...we werent supposed to do. We were told very clearly not to talk to any actors or crew unless they talked to us. So no people, dont ask, I did not get any autographs. The crew was really nice and friendly though. And from what I could see of Frasier, he seemed like a nice guy too, which is nice to see in Hollywood.

Finally around 7 we were done. To be nice to the promo extras, they do a raffle afterwards and give out prizes. Sadly...we won nothing. Still though, it was an awesome day!

I have to say, its addicting. Even though I spent most of my time sitting...I can see why people do keep trying to get into the movie biz. Im thinking about activating my account to become a paying member. That means they open you up to even more casting opportunities. It could be fun...just gotta get my self-confidence to think so too! I am definitely going to go to any other calls that happen in the future. And even if you cant see me in the film when it comes out next can point to the tree in the amusement park as Frasier runs with the kids to the rollercoaster and say "HEY! Jenni is sitting behind that!"

Good times.

(A pic we took of me while waiting..I like it... Woo...)