Monday, March 30, 2009

IHeartFaces - Pouting

My friend Kandra told me about this site, where each week there is a new theme and you can enter a pic for the contest...this week is pouting and I KNEW I just HAD to enter one of Rylend's 4 month pics I took...I have other good pouting ones...but this one is too perfect!

Hope you Like it!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rylend update - And the verdict is...

We jut got back from the doc a bit ago. Heres the run down.

Dr. Achertman told us for a fracture like this, they usually put the kid in a full or half body cast (under the armpit then down to the knee)
since Rylend is still so small (well..compared to being like..2 or more) he wont need the cast! Instead they gave us this funny little brace. I cant remember its exact name. He has to wear it about 60% of the time for the next three weeks. Meaning, he DOESNT have to wear it if he is taking a bath, in a car seat, in his high chair, or if someone is monitoring him/holding him...
Dr. Puth (the one giving us the brace) was very nice and friendly. As he put it on (Rylend did not like it...) Shane made a comment about Forrest Gump...and I just burst out laughing. It felt good to laugh (though my throat hurts bad still...) and Rylend calmed down a bit after that.
Rylend fell asleep in the car almsot instantly and we headed home...happy to be done with it, for now.
I am sooooo happy Rylend didnt need a cast! That all he needs is a Forrest Gump brace most of the time. Our next appointment is April 2nd, where he will have another x-ray and we get to find out if he still needs the brace or not. Funny, thats one day before his ONE YEAR OLD birthday!!! I was hoping he might be walking by then...well, looks like I got my answer on THAT one. But oh well. I am sure as soon as his legs heals and the brace is gone, he will be back to his old tricks and learning more than ever.

Thank you everyone who have been sending me up-lifting thoughts and praying for my baby. I love you all like nothing else. I have attached a bunch of photos from today. Check out little Forrest Rylend. Run Rylend Run!

Rylend and Daddy playing with the toys at the orthopedic office

Rylend had never played with a puzzle before...he loves it!

Waiting for the doc to bring in the brace. I think I had a harder time than he did.

Passed out in the car on the way home. Long day...again!

Rylend with his Gump brace on. He seems ok with it...playful and all...just confused

Putting him down for little boy...SIGH
I put a TON more pics up on my myspace account. If you have one, go check them out. If not...I will try to put update pics on here when I can. :)

Rylend update - Got the appointment set

So, I just got off the phone with Portland Bone and Joint Clinic. They set us up for a 1:30 pm appointment with Dr. Achertman over at Emmanuel Hospital today. At first they wanted to set the appointment for tomorrow, and I had to remind them it was a baby with a fractured leg we were talking about, plus Shane took the day off today to be with us. Sigh...It feels like I am sighing alot right now. But yes. So I will send out another update this evening with what happened. I am praying and hoping they say he doesn't need a cast, but we will see. Keep those good thoughts coming. We love you all.

Here are two photos I just took of Rylend. We propped him up on a pillow to make it so he doesn't have to put more pressure than necessary on his little leg. He is very bored, but happy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

His first big ouchie...and more

So I don't update for a while...and when I do its not the happiest news. Sigh...

Last night (monday) at about 7pm Rylend was playing aorund on the couch, being his normal high energy goofy self. Its amazing how something bad can happen so fast you feel like you didnt even blink, yet at the same time time slows to a crawl and you see everything happen. Next thing we knew he was falling, which isnt so out of the normal. But this time his right leg and slipped and gotten stuck between the cusion and the arm rest. Making it so that as he fell, he must have twisted it or pulled it in a bad direction or SOMETHING...because next thing we knew he was on the floor, crying harder than usual. We spent time calming him down, drying his tears and trying to get him...calm. My poor baby didn't know what to do. Finally, the tears slowed and we did a full body check. We poked and prodded, inspected, over and over. And foudn that whenever we moved his right leg too much...he would cry hard again. But there were no bumps, no bruises, no swelling...

First we called PopPop (Grandma Mason) who is a trained EMT. Then we called Grandma Merritt. Then I remembered the little magnet our health insurance company (it kicked in just a few weeks ago THANK GOONESS) had mailed us, with a 24/7 nurse line we can call. Shane cuddled with Rylend as I called and talked to the nurse, telling her everything. She told us to give him tylenol and let him go to bed. If in the morning he was still not crawling, favoring one side, sweeling occured...basically anything but improvement, she told us to take him to a doctor.

Well...morning came. Shane went to work after bringing Rylend in to cuddle with me in bed. After feeding him his breakfast I sat him on the floor and...he was still doing nothing. My poor baby! I called Tania (my sister in law) and she picked me up. We went over to urgent care and...sat. For two hours we had to sit in the waiting room. Then the doctor finally got us, looked at Rylend then told us he doesn't do pediatrics and we had to go to the hospital. You gotta be kidding me! We were mad...but kept our cool. (LUCKILY Urgent Care has a brain and refunded us the co-pay...since they did nothing for us)

We went back up to Shane's parent's house and called the pediatrician's office we plan on going to. (Since we just got the insurance, we havent set it all up yet...but it is now!) They are connected with St. Vincent's hospital, which is a really good one. Appointment set, I let Rylend nap and finally sat down myself. It doesnt help that I am sick right now and have no voice...I sound like an 80 year old smoker!

Shane got off around 2 today. So luckily he was able to come to the doctor with all of us. I really was having a tough time without him next to I am so grateful he was there. At the pediatrician's office, they checked him then sent us to get an x-ray. I had such a hard hard time there. Shane stayed in with Rylend, holding his hands out of the way and trying to calm him, but Rylend bas BAWLING, most likely wondering why he was naked on a table with a lead blanket over one leg and a woman pulling on his hurt leg to get it laid right for the x-ray. I was pacing outside, watching through the window and tearing up alot because I couldnt do anything to make his ouchie just go away. Mommy kisses do alot...but not alway enough.

We walked back to the pediatrician and...

Rylend has a small hairline fracture on his upper right femure.
My baby broke a bone. Not a bad break. The doctor reasured us. But still...

I guess babies have a membrane around their bones, which is a God-send because it is snug around where his fracture is, acting as a splint so he isnt in pain unless we move it too much.

Because it is small and he is ok otherwise, they let us go home. Tomorrow they will call in the morning, telling us when our appointment is with the orthopedic doctor. He said the one he is sending us to specializes only in children and is very good. They might let just his membran be the fix...maybe a splint...maybe a cast. It really depends on what they decide tomorrow. Until then...we are cuddling him and loving him. Giving him tylenol and trying to keep him entertained (he is so bored! no crawling...what shall he do?)

...SO YES...
That has been my last 24 hours. I am feeling so worn out and tired and worried right now. The doctor said this happens alot. They call it a toddler fracture because those little tykes are always hurting themselves. There wasnt anything we could have done to stop it.
But still...I am trying not to beat myself up. We want to protect our children and never let them get hurt...but it will happen no matter what we do. At least it isnt worse...I just wish it wasnt so at all.

Please keep Rylend in your prayers, that he will be happy and not in too much pain and will heal fast. I am praying he wont need the cast, but whatever happens happens. I will keep you all Updated.

Here is a picture I took of him a few days ago. I love it to pieces and it makes me smile right now looking at it. Here is my happy baby boy, before ouchie. Look at that smile..I love him so so so much.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Believe

I just found out from a friend what Big Love's newest episode is planning to share. For those of you who havent heard of that show, its about a polygamist fmaily who broke apart from the church to practice polygamy. The newest episode is said to aire scenes inside a temple, showing parts of some of the temple ordinances we perform in there. In TV Guide, there is a publicity shot of the first wife, obviously standing in the temple, dressed in a temple dress and wearing the apron and head piece we wear. When I saw this picture, I was in shock. I really felt a rock drop in my stomach. The temple is something we all hold dear to us. Its a holy place set aside on earth...God's house here. The ordinances we perform are not secret, they are SACRED. If you do not know the difference, look it up. (If you want to see the article, go to page 48 on this site. I dont want to post it)

I was recently told that for years other religions have had to put up with this, and now its our turn. That along with our church being widely known, so will our sacred rites. So what, are we supposed to sit back and sigh and just say "Well, had to happen sooner or later"? Are we supposed to watch at the world picks apart our beliefs, GOD'S sacred rites (NOT ours) and say and do nothing just because this has happened before to others? We are taught from youth to stand strong. To stand for TRUTH and RIGHTIOUSNESS. To be strong in all opposition and to be warriors for the Lord. I am not saying that we should battle this. Oh, it will aire no matter what. But what they are attacking now isnt just a little thing.

For years that HAVE made fun of us, remember. Missionary work. Our strong family bonds. Church attendance. Old practices of polygamy. The list can go on forever. This isnt the first straw of abuse from media and those alike...its getting close to the last. Yes, we have all sat back and laughed at the monks smacking their heads in Monty Python. At the Catholic church's mishaps and at who knows what else. And know what? I feel bad now. I feel the hurt they felt as their beliefs were bashed. But people, this isnt just belief that is being made fun of. Big Love started that when their first show aired.

For those of you who are endowed members of the Church. Remember how it feels when you step into those temple doors. How peaceful and precious every moment felt as you walked the hallways of the temple. The feeling of stepping into the celestial room and KNOWING you are in God's place on earth. The temple is blessed. It is set aside for the ordinances that GOD has given us to do on this earth. Yes, it is horrible that other religions have had their rites bashed for years. But if you truly believe in this faith, you know that those are beliefs...THIS is GOD's rites and ordinances. There is a difference. Its one thing to bash man. Quite another to bash God. Friends who dont believe. I am not saying you are evil. That what you believe is WRONG. But like I do not bash what you hold to be true, dont bash what I believe in.

I know this church is true. I KNOW that God lives and Jesus Christ is His son and lives too. I believe with all my heart that this church was brought back to us by God, given to Joseph Smith to share with the world. How many times in the bible did God ask a simple mortal to do His work? How come it seems to impossible today? I know it is true. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. That it was written by true people who lived and breathed as we do. I have been to the temple. I have felt the holy spirit there and I KNOW that the temple is a place of God. I know that what we do in there is sacred, special, and holy. I believe in the priesthood. I have felt it touch my life. I have had priesthood blessings and have felt them heal me of my afflictions, whether it was an illness or just stress. I know God hears my prayers. He has answered them more than I can count. Yes, I struggle. I am not as active in going to church as I should be. I struggle with tithing. I am no perfect. But my belief, my faith, my knowledge in WHAT I believe...I know it is all true.

So how can I just sit back, turn on the tv, and willingly watch a show that you know Satan is helping along. Shane and I decided when this show first aired, to never watch it. We knew it would go no where good and that even the light prods at our faith were bigger than they looked. Remember the whole "frog in boiling water" story? Well...watching a show that you know publicly puns at your faith will only lead to bigger bashes, more abuse. And things like this can only weaken your testimony.

I know we cant do much. But we can stray from watching shows like this. We can make sure our non member friends know what we really believe. We can pray and go to the temple and remember these testimonies that we have all worked so hard to strengthen throughout our lives.

We will "stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things,
and in all places" (Mosiah 18:9)

I believe.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A lesson we should all learn...I love it!

My friend Kandra posted this on her blog, and I just HAD to post it on mine! One, I LOVE SNL! And true is it!? If only everyone could this! (btw if you are reading this in an need to go to my actual blog page to see the video!)