Monday, February 23, 2009

If Jenni had money...

If I had money, I would first pay off these pesky credit cards.

But after that...I found a laptop that I would LOVE to have. Its very small (8.9 in screen) and doesnt have a huge drive or anything. But it runs the internet, and Word...which is all I am in it for. I really really do want to get my writing under way. But I have such a hard time sitting here at my computer desk and doing it. And dont even mention long hand...I have been raised in the computer age and long hand gets me NO where. This laptop would fit perfect in the diaper bag, a purse...and I could sit anywhere and write. And the best isnt EXPENSIVE...its just money I do not have. At Best Buy it is going for about $240.00. Come on...thats very very cheap. For those who are wondering, its an Acer Aspire One Netbook (I want the blue one...) But yeah...I guess I just need to bite down and wait, saving money sucks when you dont have it to save. Or I need to find that long lost rich relative who has money they want to spend on little Jenni...hahaha! Anyway, just sharing a thought in my head today.

Heres a link for those who like reading about computer doo-dads --> BEST BUY

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from the CRUISE!!

Hey there everyone! Well, on sunday night we got back from our CRUISE! For those who didnt know, we went on a cruise with Shane's family to the Mexican Riviera. It was amazing! Here is a quick run down on our adventures

We left on the 8th WAY early in the morning. I had just gotten a cold, so of course I was feeling very stuffed up and tired. (Figures...I get sick when I finally get to go on a cruise!) We weren't sure how Rylend would like the plane ride...but as soon as the plane started to taxi we knew it would be a fun trip. He smashed his little face up against the window and started laughing as the plane sped up then left the ground. Then he spent much of the time looking out our window, making cute little "ooo" and "hahaha" sounds.

We set down in LA and got on bus to head to the ship. Rylend was excited that the adventure was still going. He stood up against the bus window and giggled as he watched the cars whiz by. Finally, after arriving, going through security, and getting pics taken, we stepped foot on the Carnival Pride Cruise ship!! I was sooo excited! Those ships are so huge, and so so beautiful. When inside, aside from the swaying underfoot, you can easily forget you are on a big boat.

We left LA late sunday night...and the cruise began!

The first two days were "Fun at Sea" days, as we made our way south. It was great feeling the air warm up and *gasp* seeing the sun! We had fun exploring the ship, eating all the food we can eat (everything is all you can eat all week...I had chinese for lunch every day and sushi for a snack before bed almost every night...HEAVEN) Monday night for dinner was elegant night, so we all dressed in our pretty clothes and went to enjoy a nice dinner together. Let me tell you, if I ever strike it rich...I will adjust to that life VERY easy. In the last week for dinner I had the best array of duck, lamb (a few times...its my fave), lobster....mmmmm tons of food. And I have FALLEN in love with chocolate melting cake...yeah. But amazingly I didnt gain weight during the week. I think it helps that it is faster to take the stairs than wait for elevators on a we worked it all off. Monday night Shane and I also got to go to a comedey show...SO funny...

Wednesday we arrived in Puerto Vallarta. It is beaitufil there. Palm trees and nice warm weather. The sucky part was that now Shane AND Rylend had that cold...We got off the boat, went through a wild storm of pics the cruise line takes for you (I got one with a parrot on my cool!) Then we went to find us a taxi. After bartering the price for a bit, we were on our way to head downtown. He dropped us off and agreed to pick us up in a few hours. We all walked down the streets of Puerto Vallarta, looking in little shops, watching the Flyers spin by their feet, taking pics along the was great. By the end of the walking though, Rylend's nose was running worse than ever and he was getting a slight fever. By the time we got back to the taxi, he was crying hard. We stopped at a pharmacy to get some medicine for him, and while Shane was in getting it, Rylend threw up all over himself and me. He has the same gag reflex as mommy...which means when he felt some of his snot running down his throat...he chucked it all back out. Needless to say, Shane and I didnt get to do the rest of the tour we were gonna do and they dropped us back at the boat. Rylend passed out fast back in our room. For the rest of the day he was NOT a happy baby...sigh. But Shane stayed with him and I stepped back off the boat to get a sundress from a shop nearby. I was able to barter it down so I ended up getting TWO dresses for the price of was great!

Thursday Rylend still wasnt feeling better. He had a slight fever and that ran like CRAZY. Shane wasnt feeling well either. In the morning we arrived at Mazatlan and Shane offered to stay with Rylend so I could step off the boat there. I went with his parents and sis. We didnt go into town...just the shops at the dock. It was still fun though. There was an artist there that went by the name of Charlie Picasso. He would spray paint pictures on canvas, moving the paint around with scrap pieces of paper and his fingers...then set it really fast with a torch! It was awesome to watch and the paintings were BEAUTIFUL...I bought three!
Shane was feeling better, so Lynda stayed with the napping Rylend and he came to shore with me, his dad, and Tania and Ryan. We rented some ATVs and went for a ride down the streets of was great!

Early friday morning we arrived at Cabo San Lucas. Rylend was finally feeling better, left only with that pesky running nose. We got off the ship into a little tender boat and jetted to shore. Once there, we got into another boat and headed over a beautiful little beach called Lovers Beach. The next four or so hours we spent at the sunny beach, relaxing and playing in the warm waters of Cabo. It was great. Rylend was still kind of cranky, but we still had fun and all left with slight sunburns...nice reminders of the fact we are VERY white haha! After we all got back to the ship, it started its voyage back to America.

Saturday was our last day at sea. We were all very tired but still enoyed the last day of vacation. I coudlnt believe that I had just spent three days in Mexico...for those of you who dont know, I had never before set any foot out of country, not even to Canada. So this was not only my first cruise, but my first time ever leaving the US. I am so happy I was able to is such a great memory to have now! That night Shane and I went to the NICE restuarant with his parents and Tania and Ryan for Valentines day. It was cool to be waited on by real french waiters, having a 4 course gormet meal (everything was SO DELCIOUS), and just relaxing with the other adults. After that we all headed back to our rooms, packed our bags back up, set them outside our rooms to be picked up...and passed out.

I woke up sunday morning in LA, ready to go home. As amazing and fun as the cruise was...there is still something great about knowing you get to go home now. We had about a 4 or so hour wait at the airport for our flight...but fianlly boarded and flew off back to Portland.

This was such a great cruise! Its hard to summarize everything. So many little fun memories were created. Needless to say, I literally have HUNDREDS of photos. I hope to scrapbook them...just need to GET the book and PRINT the pics...It will be one of those things I finally do in like...2o years. HA!

Anyway, we all are home now, safe, tired, still slightly sick, but very happy.
I have uploaded all the pics onto my Myspace account and havent set them to friends only yet. I know some of you do not use Myspace, so I will leave them public for a few days so you can see all the pics I have. Please go look! There are so many! Just click on this link...let me know if there are any issues! --> CRUISE PICS

Monday, February 2, 2009

His first up-do

So, for church this last sunday we decided to style Rylend's hair for the first time ever! We gelled it up, combed and pampered and voila! A mohawk! The way Rylend's hair is growing in makes the PERFECT little mohawk. And let me tell you, he was soooo cute in it I couldnt stop snapping pictures. (Those who know me roll their eyes and ask "and when does she stop normally?" haha)

Here are a few pics of his hair do. I love my little boy...he is the best!