Friday, June 22, 2012

Sickness: The Dementors Have Struck

This morning, Conner woke up grouchy.  Which really isn't anything new.  Like his Mommy and Daddy, Conner is far from a morning person.  While Rylend loves to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and start his day running, Conner would rather stay up late into the night then enjoy a great morning of sleeping in.  I relate to this kid.

I should rephrase my opening sentence.
This morning, Conner woke up grouchier than normal.

He was whining, crying over every little bump and poke Rylend gave him, and pretty much acting like his world was ending.  I finally swooped in with his blankie, wrapped him tight, and initiated mommy cuddle time on the couch.  Before I knew it, Conner was asleep.  He slept on me for a good hour, completely passed out.

Now.  I know he wasn't feeling good.  I could feel how his body was hotter than normal.  He had none of his usual Conner energy and was sleeping... something that he had just woke up from not too long ago.  Still, I have to admit I loved that cuddle time.  I don't get baby cuddles much anymore.  So I cherished it.

Once he woke up, and was still barely walking around before giving up to lay belly first on the ground and moan, I knew he for sure wasn't feeling well.  Out came the thermometer.  Conner was running a low grade fever at 100.8.  Just enough to implement the "I feel icky" stage but nothing to panic over.

And go figure we just so happen to be out of any sort of medicine.  (Note to self: Get some!)

Luckily Grandma got the message and swung by with some baby tylenol.  I gave it to Conner no problem (My kids love medicine.  I have to convince them that they don't need it most times.  Like Rylend, who was begging for his turn.  At least I don't have to wrestle them when they need it, right?) Conner fell fast asleep again, then suddenly woke up...

And up-chucked.
Threw up.

Or as we say it in our house, and as Rylend very loudly announced it when it happened:
"Mom! Conner choked!"

Sleeping Conman
By now Conner was just plain emotional.  He started to cling to to me, and I managed to get him to doze back off for a little while.  As he was sleeping, Rylend came over with the thermometer.  He took Conner's temperature.  Kissed him on the head.  Gave him Buzz Lightyear to hug and his ba-ba to keep near.  Then very seriously walked over to me.

With worry in his eyes, Rylend said:
"Mommy, Conner-baby isn't feeling good. He isn't happy. I think a Dementor took him to the dark and took away his happiness. Poor Conner-baby."

Of course.  How didn't I know?  Dementors.  The Dementors must have snuck in when I wasn't looking and made Conner sick.  It all makes sense.  Rylend then told me I had to make Conner happy again.   After I promised that I would do everything I could, Rylend asked for me to say a prayer.

He makes my heart so happy.

We cuddled against Conner and said a prayer.  After saying amen, Rylend smiled at me and said:

"That's better.  Jesus will make the Dementors go away and Conner will feel all better."
Kisses all around
Just so you know...
Conner is already feeling a little better.  He is groggy and still very warm, but is eating a peanut butter sandwich and happily watching Spongebob Squarepants.  As for Rylend: I am wondering if he has seen Harry Potter one to many times lately.  Or if he is just that awesome.

Sleepy cuddle time

I vote for the latter.

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